Wild Dream Catchers

Year-Long Club

Wild Dream Catchers: Year Long Wild Heart’s Club

  • Year-long program

  • Limited number of attendees (16)

  • Costa Rica yoga retreat included (June 12-18th, 2020)

  • Monthly deep dive life coaching

  • Access to a weekly yoga class led by Karlyn

  • Everything Wild Heart does combined into one program



  • $6,000 (includes retreat with private room) $600 deposit, non refundable

  • $4,200 (retreat only, private shared room)

  • $4,200 (includes retreat with dorm option) $400 deposit, non refundable

  • $2,500 (retreat only, dorm option)




Atmosphere for connection

“ Karlyn creates a wonderful atmosphere for connection, learning and growth. I left having learned so many new tools for expressing myself and navigating my life in an intentional way.”

- Kirsten Ackerman

Amazing Experience

“ Karlyn with Dear Wild Heart put together a wonderful retreat focusing on living with purpose. I’m not a big yoga person but I found the yoga and daily classes to really fill my spirit and give me the re-charge I need. I could feel the love from Karlyn and it was very inspiration. All of the classes, meditations and yoga classes were perfectly laid out to come full circle at the last class. It was such an amazing experience! I would highly recommend this yoga retreat!”

- Sara Weis

Keeping it real

“The Living on Purpose Costa Rica retreat is one to remember. The courses taught are all things that I plan on implementing into my life immediately. The yoga classes were well taught and expanded my desire to continue practicing. The courses on compassionate listening, mindfulness, keeping it real, and all the others, were extremely informative and well thought out.”
-Autumn Warren



Let’s get away together!

Costa Rica here we come —>