“A serene state of mind”

"The retreat was in the perfect natural location for cultivating a serene state of mind. The combination of group and independent activities help keep one centered, and the living on purpose exercises paired perfectly with the yoga sessions. I would go again in a heartbeat!”

-Kristen Grace

“Grow in mind, body, & spirit”

”I had the opportunity to attend a Wild Heart Yoga Retreat a few months ago.  My experience was a transformative one.  I received insight into meditation, mindful eating, yoga and spiritual growth.  I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wishes to grow in mind, body and spirit!”

-Lindsay Eichenberger 


Karlyn creates a wonderful atmosphere for connection, learning and growth. I left having learned so many new tools for expressing myself and navigating my life in an intentional way.

Kirsten Ackerman


“Fill my spirit.”

“Karlyn with Dear Wild Heart put together a wonderful retreat focusing on living with purpose. I’m not a big yoga person but I found the yoga and daily classes to really fill my spirit and give me the re-charge I need. I could feel the love from Karlyn and it was very inspiration. All of the classes, meditations and yoga classes were perfectly laid out to come full circle at the last class. It was such an amazing experience! I would highly recommend this yoga retreat!”

- Sara Weis

“Teaches from the heart.”

“Karlyn is open and friendly and her classes have a light hearted feel to them. She is discrete about injuries and comfort levels and she is all over the floor helping with adjustments to those of us who need assistance....She truly teaches from the heart right to the hearts of those in front of her ️ she is not scripted yet she offers a nice flow of poses..I highly recommend Karlyn’s class for those of you who are new as well as the skilled yogi’s!”

-Connie Keslar